Why Did You Follow Me?

What did u find in my blog?
You found nothing in here, rite?
So, why did you follow me?

Since Dec 2013 i haven’t written anything because I went mudik. No time to write let alone do online.
Then, I went back to my home on the end of Dec, back to my routine activity which is mean busy with housework again.
I was happy to see my laptop but then i found my laptop spoiled. I didn’t know what happened to it. I cant even switched it on. Sigh.
Since that time i felt sooo lazy to write something. I felt lazy to read too. How come? Didnt read my hobby?
I think, i need some rest to gain my spirit of write and read.

And today, it sud be a happy day because it is Jumat Mubarak.
But, i felt so sad. I dunno what happen to myself. And I didnt mean to let you ruin with me.
I think, my sadness is an accumulation of some circumstances that happened to me during the middle of March till this April.
What i didnt expect, it gave an effect to my swimming class today.
Yes, i dont want to blame something, but i wasnt able to came to the class last week amd two weeks ago, so i have less practise, so I became fear to do floating (see floating! Not swimming). I didnt confident to do it. During 1.5 hour, i only did breathing and try to learn standing in the water (again).

My coach said, “you can do it. I saw u can do floating even kicking. U ur self who was thinking that u cant do it. And for it, i cant help u.”
So true.
What a poor me 😦

I think, I have to ‘wake up’ and be positive thinking!