Ok, Second Written: Water is My Fren

Yeah, it’s me who write something depend on my mood. Absolutely it’s not good habit. Especially for me who want to be a writer. But, I cant force myself to write when i dont want to. Poor me. Dont copy me, ok?

Oh ya, i’m sooooo happy today.
It was my first swimming lesson (or tuition?)
Too late to learn? Too old to learn how to swim?
Maybe. But, I think it’s better late than never. Rite?
And for me, the most important thing is:
Finally, I can beat my afraidness of sink, yeaay, alhamdulillah!

Oh, i didnt learn any style yet.
I took a basic lesson.
First lesson is breathing in the water.
What? Breathing?
It may be nothing for u, but mean a lot for me as I am so scare to go down to the pool.
The coach is cool. I like how she taugth me.

I remember her lesson before I go down to the water.

She said:
Water is ur friend.
Just follow its flow.
Dont fight back. If u do, its become ur enemy.

I repeated it in my mind: water is my fren. Water is my fren. Water is my fren.
So, everytime my head is in the water and I did exhale, I said, “Hi, Fren!”
Inhale, exhale, Hi Fren
Inhale, Exhale, Hi Fren
And it worked!
Yeaaah, haha … Alhamdulillah.

I hope, i will always remember that water is my fren and how to breath in the water.
I hope i can meet my coach and the pool again, soon, in shaa Allah.

Thank u, Allah ❤

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